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Passive Fire Protection, Fire Sealing, Retardant Fire Protection and Silicon Joint Sealing About

Unified Fire Prevention and Fire Seal Company in South Africa


We see ourselves growing into a passive fire protection service of choice, by accessing the untapped market in the construction sector. We aim to offer excellent service in fire seal and silicon joint sealing.


We aspire to add value through strategic business development, management, corporate governance and meaningful empowerment within the company and to
the community.


PASSIVE FIRE SA was established in 2012 but registered in 2013. The business is currently being run and managed by experienced and competitive board members relevant to the industry. These Board Members have proven track records and more than ten years work related experience working at different levels of construction, financial management ICT, telecommunications, safety, quality management and various businesses.

MATLI J. L. is the Executive director, founder and sole trader of the company PASIFFIRESA Pty Ltd. He is the member and student of the INSTITUTION of FIRE ENGINEERS of SOUTH AFRICA. Accredited by Micon Coatings and Upat Firetherm leaders in fire stopping products. He is also the director and Founder of various ICT businesses Maoltech Systems, Diagnosed Medical Supplies, Matli Online Systems. His experience in the business world brings value. The major role is to break the monopoly and barriers of this hidden technology from the untapped market of our society where fire seal has been overlooked in construction.

Passion and aggressive marketing skills of Mr. Matli has positioned the company to its main objective to close the void and be the company of choice.

Though only established in 2012 and registered in 2013,
PASSIVE FIRE SA has emerged into one of the leading installers and suppliers of passive fire protection products in South Africa, thanks to passion and aggressive marketing.

Established to meet growing demand for passive fire protection in the construction industry, we have established an excellent reputation and have developed a brand that represents QUALITY, RELIABILITY and EFFICIENCY. Through our vast array of technical skills and excellent customer service, we go all-out to help leading construction companies mitigate the high risk of fire accident exposure on the billion rand buildings they develop.